Ms Karthika Thirugnanam

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Practice Since: 2013

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  • Dietitian & Nutritionist
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Karthika’s professional passion is to help patients and families achieve their health goals
through practical, culturally-appropriate and individualized action plans. While
advocating personal and flexible nutrition interventions, she is also apt at using
technology to define a patients’ baseline and tracking their progress. At Tucker Medical,
she is heavily involved in nutritional metabolic therapy for cancer patients, both during
active treatment and for prevention.
Karthika also works with patients and families in areas outside of cancer care. She is an
expert in supporting disease reversal in conditions such as diabetes and prediabetes,
fatty liver disease, and metabolic syndrome. She endorses an extensive use of nutritional
interventions across the spectrum from low carb and ketogenic diets to low-fat and
vegetarian/vegan eating styles. As a Singapore local, from an ethnically Indian
background, and with training and practice in the US, she understands and applies the
appropriate cultural, religious, and emotional landscape of nutrition and dietary


  • English
  • Tamil

Profile Background

Karthika Thirugnanam is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is registered in the USA
(Commission on Dietetic Registration).

Ms Thirugnanam earned a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Nutrition from
the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University (Australia) and
completed a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University

After her education and practice in Australia, Karthika moved to the United States in
2013. She completed her supervised clinical practice through Commonwealth Health
Systems in Pennsylvania and then began practicing as an outpatient oncology dietitian
at New York City Health and Hospitals system’s Cancer center. During her time there
she also served as a member of the Commission on Cancer. In 2018, she returned
home to Singapore and joined Tucker Medical as a Nutrition and Dietetics expert.


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