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Transurban Properties Pte Ltd (Company Registration No: 199603888Z) • Lot & TS No.: Lot 928T, Lot 70002M and Lot 80002M TS 29 at Sinaran Drive • Tenure: (i) Leasehold of 99 years commencing from 23.04.2007 in respect of Lot 928T TS 29 • (ii) Leasehold of 30 years commencing from 10.10.2008 in respect of Airspace Lot 70002M TS 29 • (iii) Leasehold of 99 years commencing from 28.08.2002 in respect of Subterranean Space Lot 80002M TS 29 • BP No.: A1608-00010-2007-BP01 dated 12.10.2009 • Expected TOP: 31.12.2012 • Expected legal completion: 31.12.2015

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