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Arthur was born in Paris and graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London with a Master’s degree. During this 4-year course, he specialized further in Advanced spinal manipulations, Obstetric osteopathy and Nutrition. He has also conducted a research to analyze the implication of stress in relation to decision-making processes.

Arthur now specializes in structural osteopathy with a keen interest for sport injuries and biomechanical issues. He focuses on treating muscular skeletal injuries and chronic pain using hands-on techniques such as soft tissue manipulation and short lever joint articulations. His treatment often includes rehabilitation exercises, which he perfected while working within a team of physiotherapists in London, Brighton and lastly in Hong Kong. Arthur followed several professional athletes and teams during their competitions which gave him the opportunity to become Lead
Medical Officer for the South China Athletic Association’s first rugby team.

Following his university training, Arthur also continued to work closely with pregnancies and teenagers to help with the various transitions one could experience. Understanding change and how to respond in a holistic manner is essential. Techniques are always adapted to each individual depending on their goals.

A firm believer in continuous learning, Arthur chose to travel and work in several countries such as Hong Kong, France, India and Australia to improve his professional skills.


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